Meet Anja Lovén

Meet Anja Lovén, an amazing hero that has dedicated her life rescuing children in Nigeria

Meet Anja Lovén, an amazing hero that has dedicated her life rescuing children in Nigeria

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Topics of discussion

The most interesting topic would be Anja incredible story and her plans for the future to help more children.

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About Anja

Anja Ringgren Lovén is the moving spirit behind DINNødhjæp. She decided to resign as a store manager in 2011 to travel to Africa, where she worked for three months as an observer and relief worker for DanChurchAid (Folkekirkens Nødhjælp). During her stay, she experienced poverty and hunger so extreme that she in no way was able to forget it again. Because of that, she decided that she will spend the rest of her life-fighting poverty and hunger in Africa and thus help some of the poorest people in the world, to get a better life.

About the Dinnoedhjaelp Foundation

Nigeria is the African country with the highest number of out-of-school children: DINNoedhjaelp main task in Nigeria is to educate. When the Nigerian government does not use agents to inform and educate, we must through our educational work create an awareness of the situation and try to stop the superstition.
The children at DINNoedhjaelp’s children center miss their families. They talk often about their siblings, cousins, grandparents, and parents (or parent if one parent is dead). Our biggest responsibility is to ensure that the children maintain contact with their families. Sometimes we take the children to what we call a “home visit, and this is something the children look very much forward to. Home visits are the most important part of our advocacy program.

Children that have been accused of witchcraft often live as outcasts in their village, they’re almost tortured to death, expelled from school, are not allowed to play with their old friends and constantly live in fear for their own life. When those same children come back to their family and village again speaking good English and look healthy, confident and strong, it gives the whole village something to think about. They realize their own ignorance and that the children are not actually witches. We prove to the whole local community that the children are not witches, but that the ones who accused them of being witches have been indoctrinated by either the pastor or other villagers.

At DINNoedhjaelp’s children center in Nigeria, all the children go to school. Education creates development and the children´s schooling also helps to process their horrible past of severe torture and abuse. Besides going to school, we also work with the children every day through singing, dancing, playing and by being creative. Drawing and painting are the children’s favorite activities. The children develop their senses and creativity. Drawing and painting is an expression of their spontaneity and imagination. Children express their best thoughts, memories, and feelings through play, song, and dance.