What is Stars4Good

Stars4Good is an “enabler” that has the aim to be a proper ‘FUNDING MACHINE” to help 4 causes:

  1. Social Businesses
  2. Children
  3. Refugees
  4. Health and Environment

We are fully committed to increasing our network to generate more fundings.

What we do

We organize top-level events with VVIPs/Top Personalities and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals or Corporations.


We are organizing events with personalities that have excelled in their fields preferably from Politics, Business, Sports or Music.

Our celebrities have to be people that

  1. have achieved something meaningful/great in their field;
  2. have a superb moral standing;
  3. have a big inclination for helping people.

Ultra High Net Worth Individuals

Selected Ultra High Net Worth Individuals will have the possibility to buy or bid for this kind of events.

In order to participate in Stars4Good Ultra High Net Worth Individuals have to be part of the Stars4Good Club.

Four Seasons Hotels

Our activities are organized in partnership with Four Seasons Hotels

There are things that should never happen

We support 4 Causes

Where we help

The Target

The overall idea is to retain 15% of the net proceeds to reinvest in Stars4good to create more auctions. As the model progresses we aim to retain only 5% of the net proceeds with the final target to destine the entire proceedings to the causes as in the future we would like to sustain the “machine” from sponsorships.

Contact us if you want to be part of this project

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All the projects or the organizations that we support are regularly registered. We aim at helping projects that have a direct impact of people that need help.